Alcatel one touch upgrade инструкция

You can also help improve location services by allowing the handset to check for Wi-Fi networks even when Wi-Fi is turned off. Tap on the contact you’re trying to text to select them as the recipient. You may be asked to set up some payment details in order to purchase premium content, including chargeable apps and other media, from the Play Store. You must agree to the Terms of service and Privacy Policy in order to use the Google account on your new Pop 4. Tap a link to inspect any which you would like to look at, then tap Accept to proceed. When the Wi-Fi connects, the handset will skip to the next screen which asks whether you wish to copy your current setup from another Android phone to your new Alcatel.

Поискал в инете, нашел еще один мод, версия та же, заставка иная, а так все функции те же, время не сохраняется и темы так же не меняются, показалось интерфейс притормаживает, вернулся к первоначальному варианту по ссылке выше из этой темы.У меня в 21.00 показывает 11.00 до полудня. Start to type their name using the keyboard, and any matching contacts will appear. When sending images, you may be asked whether to resize them — handy if you’re using mobile internet, as large images and video can use a lot of data! Tap your choice then tap Next. If you have used an Android device in the past, the Google account may be offering you the chance to Get your apps & data from a backup of your old phone. You will need to Allow the Email app to access your media so that you can add attachments to your emails. Completing the OneTouch Pop 4 Setup Wizard At any time during the setup you may see a SIM provider pop-up on screen asking you to select your mobile network from a list; this is to install mobile data settings to allow your handset to connect to the internet.

The final option allows the Pop 4 to send back anonymous information to Google. You will then be asked to give the account a name (your email address will show by default, but you can edit this). You will also be asked to enter your name, which will appear on outgoing emails. You can add further recipients or send carbon copies to yourself or others by tapping the down arrow.

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