Moultrie game spy m 100 купить инструкция

The flash at times seems to be too bright, causing some whiteout on objects that are close to the camera. CHECK THE LATEST PRICE ON AMAZONNo Glow TechnologyBeing a no glow camera and having Black LEDs, the Stealth Cam G42NG does not emit any red light. Change this whenever Daylight Savings Time occurs, as this is not automatically changed. If your Moultrie camera prints out the temperature on pictures, you can access the «Temperature» screen to change the reading to either Fahrenheit or Celsius. But not everybody can afford high-end cameras. So what now?

Storage space is an important thing to look at that is related to the image quality of the camera. Take a deeper look at all this camera has to offer in our Stealth Cam G42NG review below. CHECK THE LATEST PRICE ON AMAZON Detection ZoneThe Stealth Cam G42NG game camera offers plenty of area coverage with its 60 feet detection circuit. Focus Camera offers a collection of premium trail cameras in a range of prices and features to fit your needs. Drops, knocks and weather doesn’t bother this camera. Wireless cameras let you change the settings remotely from your computer, and some even let you change them directly through your cellphone with an app. There is a correlation to this and we would not advise any long term deployment with a class four card at 20% battery.

Conclusion The Moultrie M-880 series are among the best trail camera I have ever used, it takes really good photos, the design of the camera is robust and rugged, even after dropping it a few times it was working. It competes well with high end game cameras. Go for it. Either with the «Mode» button, or on the «Mode» dial (this will differ based on your camera’s model), select the «Auto» mode. You’ll get a detection range of 50 feet and 80 feet of no-glow flash range.

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