Samsung 1 3 mega инструкция

samsung 1 3 mega инструкция
Page 24: Display Layout Display Layout Indicator Icons This list identifies the symbols you’ll see on your phone’s Your display screen provides a wealth of information about the display and Indicator area: phone’s status and options, as well as providing access to application icons. When creating a message, adding an image, a of messages. It also includes the features and functionality sound file, or a video clip to a text message associated with messaging. Page 134 5. When updating software, once the update file is downloaded, you can delay the update on the start screen by postponing it for a certain period of time. If you want to resume the update before the selected time, tap Continue update. You will not lose 1. From a Home screen, tap ➔… Page 131: Battery, Storage • Stop: Stops the application from running on the device. Page 87: Switching Between Email Accounts Creating a Corporate Email Account Wait for the Inbox to synchronize before use.

Page 40: Memory Card Accessing Additional Panel Functions Memory Card In addition to notifications, the Notification panel also provides Your device lets you use a microSD (SD) or microSDHC quick and ready access to separate device functions. Creating Application Folders You can create application folders to hold similar applications Note: This action does not actually delete the Widget, it just if you wish. The and the wall charger is connected, the handset may Travel Charger that is used to charge the battery is included power off and on continuously, preventing proper with your device. Page 54 The current call (caller #2) is placed on hold and the • Swap: Places the current call on hold and then activates the previous call on hold (caller #1) is then reactivated so previous call. Page 138 6. Once the device you want to connect to is displayed, tap 5. The file is transferred and the other device will receive a on it. screen notification that a Wi-Fi file has been received.

Секрет в том, что кроме NFC, Samsung задействует собственную технологию — MST (от англ. Navigation is an internet-connected GPS navigation system • Pictures: this folder contains your picture files such as with voice guidance. Before using Google Maps you must have at least opened web pages. an active data (3G) connection. Page 185: Owner’s Record Owner’s Record The model number, regulatory number, and serial number are located on a nameplate inside the battery compartment.

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