Motorola radius gp300 инструкция характеристика

motorola radius gp300 инструкция характеристика
Note that a revision to the service manual shows two VHF ranges: 136-162 MHz and 146-174 MHz. Also, the power levels are continuously variable throughout the three ranges: 1-10, 10-25, 25-45 watts. There are no user serviceable parts in the charger. If the charger fails to operate, contact your local Motorola dealer. Page 29 Optional Signalling Enhancements GP300 Portable Radios Signalling and Channel Scan Signalling and channel scan are compatible in the GP300 radio. При использовании «быстрых» зарядных устройств ресурс аккумуляторов уменьшается в 5 … 10 раз. The GM300 with the expanded logic board supports the same common signaling modes as a MaxTrac (PL, DPL, MDC, etc.). Differences from a MaxTrac: The GM300 has models that fully cover the 144-148 MHz and 440-450 MHz amateur bands. Для подразделений охраны, расположенных территориально близко и работающих на одной частоте, это позволит исключить прием ненужной оперативной информации; каждое подразделение будет слышать только свои группы задержания.

The XV and XQ may be used by the M10, M120, and M130 radios. The XQ-series seems to be all 2 channel radios. The logic board uses this to control the output power in a more reasonable way; the power will be reduced if/when the power amplifier gets hot enough, not when the microprocessor «thinks» it’s getting hot from extended use. Kombinationsmglichkeiten Zu den vielseitigen Mglichkeiten der Programmierung des GP300-Gertes gehrt die kanalbezogene Zuordnung der verschiedenen Tonrufverfahren und — kombinationen.

The second six characters provide a lot of useful information about the capabilities of the radio and the boards contained within it. Midland CT-22. Инструкция по эксплуатации, MS Word DOC, rus — 50kb. The fact that the masked (8-channel) radios and most MaxTrac users selected pin 8 for PL&COR Detect is something that will have to be changed if you want multiple features activated. It’s up to the user to choose the desired functionality given the number (six) of programmable I/O lines.

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