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Note that we may not be able to respond to inquiries about the manuals offered through this site to parties who have not purchased CASIO products. Nov 21/98: Compatibility Guide In response to a lot of questions about compatibility of diaries, cables, and software, we have prepared the following brief summary of compatibility between Casio diary models, cables, and software. Manual Contents The contents of all manuals are subject to change without notice. They look a lot like the Windows CE models, slightly smaller, good-looking screen and keyboard.

See if you want to subscribe or post to it. Pregunta: hola funciona correctamente? que capacidad de contactos tiene? gracias Denunciar Respuesta: Hola, si. Looks like the diodes are across each cells The instruction label directed the user to replace batteries one at a time, so to keep RAM contents alive, there are MA151K diodes across each cells. Read the News and Announcements section for more information on the message board. We are going to try this message board for a while instead of the Listbot mailing lists. Diodes on all battery inputs, voltage regulator Here is the power switch. It will be eerily familiar to those following along at home- the same design was used in a Soviet Elektronika MK-51 calculator we tore apart a while back. I think I know who cloned whom!

Casio Digital Diary SF-4000, complete with a travel guide! This is too bad, since the bulletin board itself was useful for information exchange between Casio diary users, regardless of the limited technical support attention from Casio. IMSL Software has a mailing list for users of Casio diaries and CASIF/Win or XLink/Win software. Other countries: If you go to and click on contacts at the bottom of the page, you can find the name of a Casio distributor in your area. Puedes acordar la forma de pago con el vendedor ¿Cómo coordino el pago del producto? 1Al terminar tu compra, recibirás los datos del vendedor. 2Contáctalo para acordar el pago del producto. For more information on the PV models, see (operated by Surerange in the UK). June 19, 2000: New message board A new Message Board has been set up with sections on Casio diaries and accessories, and on using XLink/Win software with Casio diaries.

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