Инструкция winreducer

инструкция winreducer
You can also open the Preset Editor manually. Go to > Start > Tools > Preset Editor and click Launch. Microsoft. Retrieved 15 September 2013. ^ «Automated Installation Kit (AIK) for Windows Vista SP1 and Windows Server 2008». Download Center. Microsoft. Retrieved June 2, 2015. ^ «The coolest new DISM command (to me at least)». TechNet. With fonts, things may seem pretty simple, although some of them are required for the Microsoft Office suite and even the operating system, so treading lightly is advisable. In the case of languages, customization is easier, though.

Important You can only use this option if the file requested has a KB number associated with it. Tools like Robocopy, Diskpart and DISM can be used to perform various system tasks like recovering or backing up files, managing partitions, and fix servicing-related issues respectively.[17] In order to use the command prompt, the user must sign into an administrator account. Step 7: Finally after all the customization is done click Finish > Apply, which will start the building process.

Fortunately, the product is peppered with useful tips for the most sensitive of them and information on the effect they have on other components. Replacing additional files may lead the system into an unserviceable state. Microsoft. 14 July 2009. ^ Lee, Desmond (4 January 2012). Sinofsky, Steven, ed. «Refresh and reset your PC». Building Windows 8. Microsoft. ^ Bright, Peter (19 September 2011). «Making the lives of IT easier: Windows 8 Refresh, Reset, and Windows To Go». Ars Technica. Additional customization options present in WinReducer 8 touch on pre-packing specific images for the boot background, desktop wallpaper, theme, and lock screen; it can also set up mouse sensitivity and cursors as well as slim down the Control Panel section. The resulting installation media will work just like standard Windows 8 installation media, but will be customized with all the options you chose.

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