Инструкция для блюм тандем

инструкция для блюм тандем
Cleaning and Care of Wood Cabinets and Doors Do not use Ammonia based cleaners such as Windex. It is recommended to use a solution of water and a mild soap to clean wood cabinet and doors. This attractive chrome-plated organizer features 2-tiers to maximize your cabinet space. Full length runners make installation in panel or face frame cabinets possible.For faster, more flexible adjustment of your drawer fronts, try the optional Adjustable Drawer Locking Device (#46209), which replaces the standard locking device that come with the slides. The media center is located in the upper right corner of this page, or just use the link below. Media centerIf you have any questions about installing Blum products, please contact us. These products can leave rings and etch the polish. Do not use bathroom, tub and tile or grout cleaners.

Our Drawer Insert Series accessories are easy to install in almost any drawer size to make the most of your drawer space. Using a dry cloth or towel work into the countertop. Recommended cleaning is wiping with a damp/water-absorbed cloth. Difficult stains can be removed using a mild household cleaner and a soft bristle brush. Приспособления и шаблоны BLUM предназначены для быстрой и точной разметки корпусов, ящиков и фасадов мебели, подготовки присадок и отверстий.

Rinse with warm water and dry with clean cloth or towel. It is recommended to use trivets and pot holders for setting hot pots and pans down to avoid putting extreme heat directly on countertop. Do Not use window cleaner on this product. Never use cleaners containing bleach or abrasives such as Comet, Ajax cleanser and Soft Scrub. This is just another example of Blum’s commitment to manufacturing products in the U.S., for the U.S. market. Шаблоны BLUM значительно повышают скорость и точность установки фурнитуры BLUM, упрощают разметку и перенос размеров, исключают возможность допущения ошибок, гарантируют высокое качество сборки, которое убедит любого профессионала. Retrofitting the CH Hamper for Soft-Close Step-by-step instructions for removing your CH Hamper and installing a soft-close piston. CH Series Hamper | Overview Don’t let that never ending pile of laundry keep growing in the corner of your closet! Three stainless steel bins and a convenient bottom storage shelf give this modern, two-tier organizer ample storage space for all your kitchen utensils. 5322 Two-Tier Base Organizer | Overview Bring the elegance of European design into your home with the Two-Tier Chrome Wire Organizer.

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