Инструкция к лего 31004

Motorbike was the first alternative model followed by karp, bird, crocodile and dump truck. They are in Czech but speach is not important there. Only announcing «To sail the Technic sea» contest gave me impulse to begin. Xbox connection troubleshooting If you’re having connectivity issues on your Xbox, try these steps. Retrieved from » » Ad blocker interference detected! Let’s mention for example single cylinder engine powered by rear wheel, functional stand, steering and so on.

Second model is much bigger. It is formula built from set 8041 which features V8 engine with rear wheel drive, differential and front wheel steering with turning steering wheel. Trike has rear wheel suspension and Im going to add its building instructions here soon too. I also began working on scooter from set 8048 so we will see whether it is successful or not in a short time. Model is also ready to be motorized with set 8293. In such way it moves by itself on base built out of battery box. I was surprised how fast I’ve built this model — it has taken just one week. When I proved that everything works well I’ve begun main building process. I’ve dismentled prototype, put together solid chassis and frame of superstructure and installed all gearings inside.

Gallery of alternative models is the first of them. Для управления роботом предусмотрена программная среда с простым и понятным управлением. Polar bear built out of set 31034 (white robot) was the first of them. I’ve focused on testing potential of this set by building some animal and polar bear was the first white animal that came into my mind.

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