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The voltage must be below 0.5V. 5.) If all voltages are correct, turn off the power supply and reconnect the 12V line to the H bridges.If you can’t detect the voltages as described above, you must check all connections of the faulty photor sensors! Figure 6: The axes are driven through 6mm threaded bars. We need some 10mm bolts with a 6mm thread at one end. To get that, the 10mm bolt has to be filed flat on two opposite sides. Put it in a vise,so that one of the nut’s surface is in a 90°(shows up) position.

Parts list Arduino Uno 1 ca. 25,-€ H bridges 4 There are 2 of them on one board using an L298N dual bridge IC. ca. 15,-€ per board. The edge of the iron square tube is filed and the place for the drill hole is marked with a center punch. Figure 26: Figure 27: Figure 28: Figure 29: The 6mm threated bars with a length of 85cm are mounted next.
Это и автореверс на обоих деках, и синхростарт при записи с CD, и режим записи в одно касание. Flat iron bar 20x4mmx1000mm 3 10mm nuts Many Sheet iron 50x50cm, 1mm thickness 1 Sensor disc etc. Она скрыта под специальным люком на днище музыкального центра. Answer: After starting «commands-CNC», you can control the motors with the cursor keys.

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