Инструкция телефона samsung galaxy ct 19100

инструкция телефона samsung galaxy ct 19100
Details : View photo details. › Play a video In Idle mode, open the application list and select Gallery. Page 100: App Shop, Backup, Games App Shop You can check and download applications from the Orange App Shop. Page 39: Download Applications From Android Market › Copy and paste text While you are entering text, you can use the copy and paste feature to use text in other applications.

Slideshow : Start a slideshow in the selected folder. Google’s location service : Set to use WLAN and/or mobile ●… Page 136: Security Security Change the settings for securing your device and the SIM or USIM card. Featuring a wealth of games, news, reference, social networking, navigation, health related applications and more, Samsung Apps gives you instant access to a huge choice of mobile experience. Stop. To end the connection, select Mini diary Learn to keep a photo diary. › Create a Mini diary Mini In Idle mode, open the application list and select diary. Select the radio station you want from the all station list and press [ ] to return to the FM radio screen. Page 116: Vpn Connections Open the folder to view files.

Page 38 You can also use the following keys: Number Function Change case. Once the synchronisation is completed, your device stays connected to the web. If any change is made on the web, the updated information will appear on your device and will automatically begin synchronisation, and vice versa. Camera In Idle mode, open the application list and select to turn on the camera. → Shooting mode →… Page 63: Capture A Photo In Cartoon Mode, Customise Camera Settings › Capture a photo in Cartoon mode You can take photos with cartoon effects.

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