Инструкция к minolta dimage 7i

инструкция к minolta dimage 7i
Let’s start our tour of the DiMAGE 7i now, beginning with the front of the camera. The AF system is almost twice as fast as its predecessor, the DiMAGE 7, and the capturing interval has been reduced to make a more responsive camera. It’s new automatic bracketing enhances exposure, contrast and color saturation. There is no button to operate it — just your wrist!

With some images it appeared that you had good balance from dark to light until you uploaded it to your PC. Only then did you find out that you didn’t have the detail you thought you had in the shadow areas. You cannot use the RAW or Super Fine modes. UHS (ultra high speed) continuous advance is a new feature on the D7i, which will take anywhere from 15 — 39 frames, at a rate of 7 frames/second. Minolta clearly listens to reviewers and users alike, and the end result is the new DiMAGE 7i ($1099). The 7i attempts to fix all the complaints that were brought up about its predecessor. The wide dynamic range is provided by an improved electro-optical system with 12-bit A/D (analog to digital) conversion to ensure natural color and tonal reproduction.

Однако некоторые органы управления приобрели другие функции, изменились и надписи на камере. You must set the focal length at either full telephoto, or full wide-angle. At the telephoto end, you have a bit of «play» in the focal length. While the movies are saved at a resolution of 320 x 240, the actual video area is only 308 x 240. Movies are saved in the AVI format.

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