Car mp3 player fm модулятор инструкция по пользованию

car mp3 player fm модулятор инструкция по пользованию
Page 7 Your choice of music reflects your taste and personality, and so should the look of your system. At Panasonic’s Customize site, you can choose from a wide variety of still image variations, sets of opening /ending moving themes, and types of moving images. Combined with Panasonic’s Private Mode, front and rear passengers can enjoy different entertainment content. English NEOLINE Splash FM обеспечивает великолепную передачу звука как с MicroSD карт и USB накопителей, так и с вашего телефона через разъем AUX. Благодаря покрытию Soft Touch NEOLINE Splash FM украсит интерьер любимого автомобиля. Page 8: Expand & Connect EXPAND & CONNECT EXPAND & CONNECT Plug into Variety Plug and play on the road!

Found in our latest models, this FM Modulator THROUGH Mode delivers even clearer reception from portable digital music players and other audio devices equipped with FM transmission capability. Powerful to handle extended dynam- ic range of “Full Digital” and sen- sitive to express the most deli- cate nuances, the new voice of Panasonic has arrived. Page 22: Car Audio / Video Entertainment Panasonic puts the show on the road. functionality and features, the expanded Panasonic audio- visual lineup brings the rich diversity of digital entertainment to the road. Complete with surround sound, the cinema experience is so powerful you may want to enjoy all your movies in your car . Page 23: Other Features Your attention never strays from the road. Onder voorbehoud van wijzigingen in de specificaties van de modellen.

Panasonic brings the age of net- working and expanded multimedia content to in-car entertainment with unprecedented connectivity and compati- Expansion Module Connection bility. From entertainment to work, the Unic UC18 Mini LCD Projector can help you enhance any presentation, whether it’s a business report or a bedtime story.The mini projector comes in a compact size, but can project an image of 13-60 inches with the 320×180 resolution. Just download, burn your selection on a CD-R and install it in your system. Текущая версия страницы пока не проверялась опытными участниками и может значительно отличаться от версии, проверенной 26 сентября 2016; проверки требуют 2 правки.

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