Биотуалет potty low инструкция

биотуалет potty low инструкция
Odorless Modern composting toilets do not smell dirty, even shortly after use or if you smell closely to the opening of the toilet. However, users of excreta-derived compost must consider the risk of pathogens. The recommended practice is to use an ordinary round bladed shovel to empty the contents into a wheelbarrow as described below.

Cost estimates from Gramalaya’s ‘Toilet Technology guide for low cost toilets’. Pics courtesy: Wikipedia, Gramalaya and India Water Portal. Some places which have excelled in this technology in the current age are Guangxi province, China; KfW, Frankfurt, Germany where they use vacuum toilets with provisions of grey water treatment and Tanum Municipality in Sweden. Toilet paper, stool and urine samples are automatically mixed with the 3 arms. Tools, plants, etc., should not be allowed to contact the sides of barrels. Aeration and mixing[edit] Microbial action also requires oxygen, typically from the air.

Some methane may also be present, but it is not odorous. Note leg protectors used to center plate over toilet seat hole. If insects enter toilet and reproduce to the point that they overwhelm the insect trap, they can be eliminated using the following technique. Some fecal matter may remain on the spiral and shaft of the Compost Crank. To help remove it from the spiral, turn the Crank into the compost about 1 foot deep, then slowly turn the Crank back out of the compost. Lift top and place on empty barrel, taking care to guide the 4 locator bolts on the top assembly into the holes in the rim of the barrel.

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