Инструкция к генератору гз-112 1

инструкция к генератору гз-112 1
Repeat — Higher harmonics can be generated by repeating the drawn partials with a gradual fadeout, based on the settings in the Repeat chooser. These section’s parameters only control the initial impulse, which is a much smaller component of Collision’s overall sound than the resonators. When using the lowpass, highpass, or bandpass filter with any circuit type besides Clean, there is an additional Drive control that can be used to add gain or distortion to the signal before it enters the filter. Both controls can be modulated: Pan by velocity and a random value, and Volume by velocity only. 24.5.6 Global Controls The parameters located to the right of the sample slots are global controls that apply to all samples within Impulse’s domain. Each resonator section is further divided into three subsections. On the left are controls related to tuning. In the center are the controls that determine the physical properties of the resonant object. To the right are mixer controls.

Presets created in Simpler can be converted for use in Sampler (see 24.7), and vice-versa. To do this, right-click(PC) / CTRL-click(Mac) on Simpler’s title bar and choose the Simpler -> Sampler command. In this way, presets created in Simpler can be in a multisample context in Sampler. The full version of Sampler is not included with the standard version of Live, but is a special feature available for purchase separately. Pos switch is enabled, however. In this case, the contact point is fixed to a single location, rather than changing as the length of the string changes.

The Electric interface is divided into five main sections, some of which are further divided into related subsections. Drive) slider boosts or attenuates the signal level being sent to the waveshaper, while the overall balance between the dry and processed signals can be adjusted with the Dry/Wet control. Frequency determines where in the harmonic spectrum the filter is applied; Resonance boosts frequencies near that point.

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